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Who we are

City Design S.p.A. is market leader in the design and manufacture of street furniture and furnishing complements.

We deliver to Italy and other countries through a well-established technical support and sales network.


The exclusive look of our products is inspired by a specific objective: to satisfy present and future demand for street furniture with top quality products that blend in perfectly with the environment.


Our range of decorative and stylish benches and seats, tables, bins, bicycle stands, barriers, flower boxes, fountains, plant guards, dissuaders, ash trays, displays, shelters, ecological islands and guided routes are ideal for use in covered and open spaces by public and private council and park operators. Our products are also available in special custom versions.


City Design collections serve as elegant items of furniture in squares, avenues, parks, shopping centres, residential areas, hotels and camp sites, and in waiting rooms in ports, airports, railway and underground stations in many countries.


The exceptional quality of City Design products is the result of a combination of materials, treatments and working processes, with the intention of guaranteeing for each single article, durability, compliance to regulations, safety, respect for the environment, good looks and comfort for the user.


All the dimensions, weights, features and colours of the products in this catalogue are purely illustrative and may change without notice. Please contact our sales office before ordering to receive the latest information. Wooden items must be stored in a place that is protected against sunlight and removed from their packaging after no more than three days.
Annual maintenance is recommended. Please contact our technical office for details on maintenance procedures and to order the products required for each need. City Design reserves the right to make any modifications to its products - both dimensional and structural - necessary to improve their quality. The photos, drawings and texts are not contractually binding.